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    Wine of the Month Club™ is the oldest mail order wine club in America, founded in 1972. It’s purpose is to take the guesswork out of fancy labels and expensive price tags in choosing a great wine. Specializing in value-oriented wines, the Wine of the Month Club is open to anyone who has an appreciation of fine wine and is interested in a monthly wine club service. Quality wine delivered to your door, guaranteed! Family owned and operated since 1972.

    Join our Family! We offer six different clubs to match your tastes and budget: Classic Series Wine Club - This is the club that started the whole wine in the mail idea (1972.) Still the most popular because the wines are sourced from all over the world and are presented for their great value and explicit representation of the grape and area from whence it came. Excellent for the novice who wants to learn about wine and great for the experience wine lover who wants good valued wine for their main consumption. California Wine Series Club - Celebrate the wine heritage of California with our selections from the California Series. Though California has been making wine since the late 1800's, the Taste of Paris in 1976 shoved California onto the world wine scene…taste from some of the great vineyards in the Golden State. This is a red wine club only. Vintners Series Wine Club -Our Vintners series was born of the winemakers passion to make a statement through their craft. The Vintners Series boasts great value (as the Classic Series) but opens up the arena to more specific grape regions and a wider example of grape varietals. These wines are a click up from the Classic Series for the novice and excellent wines a wine lover would share with other wine lovers.

    Cellar Series Wine Club - Stock your cellar with six wines every other month...all hand selected selections from our Classic Series. Each shipment is delivered guaranteed with our 24-page newsletter, "The Tasting Room", filled with history of the winery, recipes, tasting notes, member inquiries, cellaring notes and more.

    Limited Series Wine Club - The name says it all. The Limited Series is a collection of wines that are brought to us in smaller numbers with less broad market availability. Though the price is still in a reasonable range, the wines are harder to find and are more collectible than the Vintners or Classic Series. As well, wines are chosen for their cellar life to watch and taste as they change.

    Case Club Series Wine Club - This is the latest offering from the Original Wine of the Month Club. 12 bottles of hand-selected wines delivered once every three months: (8) red wines and (4) white wines accompanied by our 24-page newsletter, "The Tasting Room-12 bottle Edition". Each wine is chosen from hundreds tasted every month. All guaranteed - "You never pay for a wine you do not like!". Great gift for that wine lover on your list. Enjoy!

    - $30 commission on regular membership signups
    - 15% commission on gift memberships, single shipment wine gifts, wine baskets & accessories
    - 90 Day Tracking Cookie
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  • Primary Country: United States
  • Ships To: USA
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