Gerber Childrenswear

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Merchant Information

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    Preferred Merchant
  • Homepage:
  • Primary Category: Clothing & Apparel
  • Primary Country: United States
  • Ships To: USA
  • Add'l Payment Methods: Paypal, Google Wallet


FMTC ID Network (ID)
45975 CJ (5518338)

Product Feed

This merchant does not have a network Product Feed.

Program Information

Manager Name: Katheryn Duley
Manager Email:
Supports Deeplinking: Yes
Ad Copy Restrictions: Unknown
Display URL Restrictions: Unknown
Competitors Allowed On Landing Page: No
PPC Bidding Allowed: No
PPC Trademark Bidding Allowed: No
PPC Trademark + Bidding Allowed: No
PPC Policy Message: We do not allow any TM bidding, TM+ bidding, or any utilization of trademark words and phrases with any words including but not limited to:
Gerber, Gerber Childrenswear, Gerber Childrens Wear, Gerber Clothing, Gerber Baby, Gerber Onesies, Gerber Onesie, Onesies, Onesie, Onesies Bodysuits, Onesie Bodysuit, or any variation including Gerber or Onesies with discounts, coupons, coupon codes, discount codes, codes
Email Marketing Allowed: Yes
Email Marketing Policy Message:
Social Media Marketing Allowed: Yes
Social Media Policy Message: We do not allow Gerber to be included on any social media channels that have adult content including but not limited to smoking, cannabis, nudity, extreme political viewpoints, dark humor, or anything that would be considered "Rated R".

Network Permissions and Restrictions

Description Status Information Type
Social Media Allowed? Yes Compliance
Mobile Certified? Yes Program Information
Content Certified? Yes Program Information
Cross-Device Certified? Yes Program Information
Cookieless Certified/ITP Compliant? Yes Program Information
Last Updated: 2023-07-10 12:44:40

This information is provided by the affiliate networks and is, to the best of our knowledge, accurate when posted but is subject to change at any time. Please refer to the affiliate networks for complete details on this program's permissions and restrictions.


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